HLAA-Morris County Meeting January 2014

HLAA MorrisCounty

January 11, 2014 Meeting Announcement

Saturday, January 11, 2014
10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Madison YMCA (Please Note)
11 Kings Road
Madison, NJ

Captioning Provided by DDHH
Assistive Listening Devices and Temporary Hearing Loop

Pat Dobbs, Chapter President, and Hearing Loss Advocate and Coach will share her new The Hearing Loss Revolution and 9 Positive Principles. This is designed to Empower People with Hearing Loss. It provides strategies for better hearing and positive feeling about our hearing loos.

People with t-coils on their hearing aids or CI will have unique opportunity to benefit from our portable HEARING LOOP and hear speakers clearly!

Future Meetings:
March 8 – Katherine Bouton, author, “Shouting Won’t Help- Why I and 50 Million Other Americans Can’t Hear You”
May 31 – Richard Einhorn, renowned composer talks about his hearing loss
July 12 – Pot luck Picnic

Contact Information:
Pat Dobbs
email: pat@HearingLossResourceCenter.com