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Click on link below:

Click on “Enter Promotion Code” button. 

In “Promotion Code” window, enter Promo Code: HS1299.

Click on “Submit” button.

Click on “Notify Me” button further down on page

and fill out brief form.

– Or  Order  By Phone

Simply call the toll–free CaptionCall customer support number at 877–557–2227. Be sure to mention promotion code “HS1299” in order to get your free phone.

For Promo Code use HS1299.


CaptionCall is an easy to use phone that provides captions of what your callers are saying.  It is much like closed captioning on your TV only it is for your phone conversations.    As the caller is talking, the captions print out on a large 7” screen. It can also caption answering machine or voice mail messages since it is often difficult for hearing impaired to understand recorded messages.

CaptionCall does not require any change in telephone use, either for the caller or the CaptionCall user.  To make a call, you simply pick up the phone and dial.  Both parties use the phone as they always have and the CaptionCall phone will caption the conversation for the CaptionCall user.

CaptionCall connects to a landline phone and requires a high speed internet access and power.

CaptionCall will send a technician to install for the phone for you.  Plus they provide service for repairs and answer questions if you’re having problem with phone.

Here’s the most exciting part.  CaptionCall is giving out the phone for free indefinitely.  And there is no monthly charge for the captioning service as CaptionCall is fully funded by the FCC for each minute of captioning they provide. We have all been funding the FCC every month on our regular phone bill as part of the American with Disabilities Act.  You have already paid it; and now you are getting an excellent service for your tax dollars that have gone to the FCC.