Hi! I’m Pat Dobbs, and I’m severely hearing impaired, but with today’s technology I’m thrilled to say that I hear in the average range.  I founded the Hearing Loss Resource Center as a community for people who have a Hearing Loss like myself . It’s goal is to Empower people with a hearing loss knowing that it doesn’t define us or stop us from being happy.

I created the Hearing Loss Revolution and its 9 Principles to honor and empower all people with a hearing loss. I base my Hearing Loss Empowerment Workshops and my One on One Coaching on these principles as well as other sources.

This site also contains an On Line Store of very helpful  assistive listening devices that are aggressively priced and help us hear better in difficult to hear situations. There are also informative books on hearing loss.

There are information on HLAA Morris County’s Chapter. Hearing Loss Association of America is the largest self help association for people with a hearing loss. I am proud that I started this chapter in 2011 and am its President. It is a wonderful place for education and empowerment.